What Northern Girls Wear…

Okay. Back in October I said I was a gal for all seasons. That I couldn’t do without my winter, spring, summer, fall. Fuhgeddaboudit.

The reality is we have two seasons in my neck of the country — Winter and BBQ — and they can overlap. Why? Because BBQ season is only 15 days long. We compensate by barbecuing during winter, which is muuuuch longer — you do the math.

We barbecue on the patio, in the park, at the campground, and in the parking lot during BBQ season. During the off season — known as winter — we barbecue in the garage, in the carport, on the balcony — if you’re an apartment/condo dweller — and the heartier among us continue to barbecue on the patio.

Okay. I might be exaggerating a teensie, weensie bit. But, cut me some slack here. There are buckets of snow on the ground. I’m snow-gazing, as I write this post, and waiting for another foot-plus of snow to drop by tomorrow night. I’m living in a snow-skewed world.

Here is what Northern Girls wear in winter…

Winter Boots 1Hiking Boots 1

Here is what Northern Girls wear in BBQ season…

Flips Flops 1

Look closely. It’s all about the tread!


4 thoughts on “What Northern Girls Wear…

  1. LMAO too true about the tread. You don’t want to slip and get buried beneath a foot of snow when it comes back so darn quickly. People were wearing the BBQ footwear on Monday and now look at us…even I’m starting to become jaded by the constant blustering whiteness of the North. Stay safe and warm.


  2. Now, see. Miss Keziah knows what I’m talking about. 😉 My advice to anyone in blizzard country today: grab yourself a snow-hottie — book format is fine — and slam the door! Just sayin’.


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