What Northern Girls Wear…

Okay. Back in October I said I was a gal for all seasons. That I couldn’t do without my winter, spring, summer, fall. Fuhgeddaboudit.

The reality is we have two seasons in my neck of the country — Winter and BBQ — and they can overlap. Why? Because BBQ season is only 15 days long. We compensate by barbecuing during winter, which is muuuuch longer — you do the math.

We barbecue on the patio, in the park, at the campground, and in the parking lot during BBQ season. During the off season — known as winter — we barbecue in the garage, in the carport, on the balcony — if you’re an apartment/condo dweller — and the heartier among us continue to barbecue on the patio.

Okay. I might be exaggerating a teensie, weensie bit. But, cut me some slack here. There are buckets of snow on the ground. I’m snow-gazing, as I write this post, and waiting for another foot-plus of snow to drop by tomorrow night. I’m living in a snow-skewed world.

Here is what Northern Girls wear in winter…

Winter Boots 1Hiking Boots 1

Here is what Northern Girls wear in BBQ season…

Flips Flops 1

Look closely. It’s all about the tread!