Fun, Flirty………..Fine

Model LegsWeekend’s comin’, and I’m feeling fun, flirty………..fine. I’m looking out my office window at mountains of the s-n-o-w — we’re down to spelling it now, lest we fall into a slump. It’s morphed into grunge snow, and is being pummeled with sleet as I post.

Still, I’m feeling fun, flirty………..fine. It’s the weekend. We did a jump-start and had a date night last night. Typical high school — burgers and a movie. Elen’s vegetarian friends should close their eyes at this scary part. The burgers were great. I’m a swiss cheese and mushroom gal, and I will filch any dill pickle slice from any plate at my table. Diner beware!

It was a guy pick night at the movies, so Mr. G, honey opted for Vantage Point, a suspense/thriller. Dennis Quaid and Forest Whitaker. It turns out that the guy pick was a great pick. Thrilling. Entertaining. My movie reviewer didn’t like it — nothing new there — and I never pay any attention to him. The film was a hottie-fest. A win-win for me. Go ahead. Click on cast members. Start with Edgar Ramirez. Yeah. See what I mean? Oh. And, for the gents — Ayelet Zurer.

Did I mention I was feeling fun, flirty………..fine?

This weekend, we’re going to The Dog. This is my favorite pub. It’s celebrating it’s 15th anniversary and will be worth the trek. It’s got that — where everybody knows your name — thing going for it, along with fab food and a great pint of Guinness. Who could ask for more?

Yep. It’s definitely got the look and feel of a great weekend comin’. I’ve got to squeeze in some work. Definitely. What about you? Any plans?

Oh. Thanks, Mr. G, honey. It was a great guy pick! But, you know you’re gonna have to see The Other Boleyn Girl, right? Yeah. Thought so.


One thought on “Fun, Flirty………..Fine

  1. I also enjoyed the hottie-fest that was Vantage Point. The bad guys were hero inspiring. I know I’m going to filch one or two of them for future projects.
    My weekend plans include a film essay about Across the Universe and the next scene with Alex. Finally!! we’re out of the bar and headed to the forest -after a lecture from his immortal BIL about the demons with whom he’s been keeping very close company. It’s going to be fun to write.


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