Makes Men Blush…

One of my in-town friends dropped around yesterday. After getting me thoroughly buzzed on caffeine and girl-talk — yeah, livin’ on the edge — she pronounced her job done and headed out the door. I love my girlfriends.

Standing on the front walk getting the last bit of chat in, my bud saw a robin fly into the top of our Blue Spruce. She let out a mighty whoop and declared it officially spring. “When you see your first robin, that’s when you know spring is finally here,” she said. Folk wisdom.

I mark spring differently. Pedicure Season. Closely related to Barbecue Season, which my next-door-neighbor kicked-off last week. This is when I start thinking about the professional pedi and hot, hootchie momma colors. In my little burg, you see Daniella for this. She gives the best pedi in town. The foot and calf massage is capital B bliss.

I’m an OPI girl when it comes to polish. I prefer the burgundy tones like Got the Blues for Red, or red tones like I’m Not Really a Waitress. But, for this first pedi of the season, I’m thinking of going with one of their new SoftShades — Makes Men Blush, or Kiss on the Chic. What woman doesn’t want to wear something called Makes Men Blush? I’m picking up the Cell now. Punching in the numbers. Oh yeah.

In no particular order, other signs of spring for this northern girl:

yoga pants & t-shirts — top-down convertibles — cold cereal — antihistamines — Starbucks’ Iced Skinny Mocha – no whip — skateboards — baseball — cruising — flirty skirts — open air cafes

Oh. And, windows need doin’.

Tell me your signs of spring.

Now. Off to write my deployed soldier — my new fave activity — and my ms pages for the day. Go Spring!


8 thoughts on “Makes Men Blush…

  1. Signs of spring for a female Compsci major:
    1. You unconsciously begin a mental catalog of classmates you might date.
    2. There is a lot more giggling in your classes, which is interesting given that your program is 90% male.
    3. Everyone in the dorm spends at least 60% of their time on the front patio.
    4. There are condom wrappers….everywhere…
    5. The Health Center makes a whole-wall bulletin board on STI
    6. Everyone’s MSN status is counting down the minutes till exams are over.
    7. Cool guys start sporting their sunglasses inside.
    8. Guy clothing becomes beach-themed. Female clothing gradually disappears entirely.
    9. Even though you are a computer geek and live in the dark like a vampiric mushroom, you now occasionally open the shades in your dorm room.
    10. Even the profs start making off-color jokes in class.


  2. Hello,
    I stumbled upon this post via Tag Surfer. As my goal for my day off tomorrow is to buy a new shade of nail polish and tend to my feet in prep for sandals, it caught my eye.

    My signs of spring:
    -Strappy sandals
    -New sunglasses
    -Read one uneducational chick lit book
    -Address feet
    -Swap skirts for wool trousers in my closet
    -Wash my car

    I love spring & summer!


  3. Sitting outside drinking a glass of wine with a good friend (hint, hint) Less layers for walking the dog at night, skirts without stockings (YAY!!) ponytails without fear (of losing an ear to frostbite) Oh the list does go on but I must finish my pages for today.


  4. Ah, yes. Ponytails….which go well with my personal favorite — flip flops. I can deal with stockings, but pantyhose are a plague on our house! Who invented those suckers? 🙂


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