100th post, and today it’s Neil…

This marks my 100th post in the blogosphere. 100th post. 100th post. It keeps running through my brain. It’s right up there with the 100th stomach crunch or the 100th ball squeeze. But really — 100th post — this makes me a relative newb. Don’t I know it. But I’m educable, and don’t think I’ve made too many gaffs.

When I started thinking about this post, I was listening to American Idol in the background and hoping for some inspiration, or even some perspiration if I got up and boogied. Hey, I might burn a calorie. That could be good. The American Idol spotlight was on legendary singer-songwriter Neil Diamond, and I enjoyed watching the contestants sing some of my fave songs. If you haven’t heard his new song — Pretty Amazing Grace — go. Click. Listen.

That was Tuesday. This is Thursday. My mind is on story. Specifically, the story I’m in right now. I’m inspired by the giant talent that is Neil. The voice, if not perfect, is real and all Diamond. There is honesty and beauty in the words. The story in the music and the lyric is a well-told tale. I can only strive for that in my own work.

I don’t know what inspires you. For me — today — it’s Neil. Tomorrow, or next week, it may be something or someone different. What is inspiring you right now?

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