Three days of single bliss…

Last weekend, Mr. G, honey was away schmoozing networking conferencing for three days. Don’t get me wrong, he was thoroughly missed. That being said right off the bat, I did bliss-out —

1. staying up until three, sometimes four-thirty in the morning

2. watching a marathon of Monarch of the Glen on DVD

3. sending him little text messages while he was in sessions, just to keep it………lively

4. talking to him late every night about those little text messages

5. schlepping around in my fave clothes from the bottom drawer that no other human being should have to look at

6. sprawling diagonally across our marriage bed for sleep, with all four pillows tucked around me and my face smashed into His pillow

7. feeling no guilt about writer’s hair — see post Hair gone wild…

8. eating standing at the fridge, sink, stove

9. leaving the toilet seat down

Despite my slacker ways, I did get some good writing done. Yay! Saturday night did give me pause. It was late late or early early, depending on your POV. I was standing at the bathroom sink giving the teeth a good cleaning, when I heard a low, long, loud, ominous rumbling. The earth may not have moved, but the bathroom walls were trembling — scaredy-walls. I ran to the windows expecting to see a fireball from whatever had crashed. Not so. It was thunder — big, badass Thunder. The meanest I’d ever heard. Yikes!

I spent the next few minutes humming a few bars of Bill Bailey. Then, I jumped under the covers with the remote and clicked my way to oblivion.

I was all blissed-out.


4 thoughts on “Three days of single bliss…

  1. hah, I did the same thing to the bed when my wife went away for a bowling tournament not too long ago… them things are roomy when you remove one person! Of course, the dog and the cat still wanted a piece of the action…


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