Freaky Friday…not the movie…

Hmm. Yesterday, in my neck of Canada, it was 62 Fahren. Today it is 90! I want to put that in all caps and bold and italics and brackets and quotes and… You get the picture. It takes my breath away. Literally. When you have thick Northern Girl blood, it’s hard to go from 62 to 90 in a matter of hours. Really. I’d only like to do that on a racetrack, and then the number spread could be even bigger.

I was up early-early placing walking stones. We have to get some limestone screening under them, but that can be done one or two at a time.

I’m hieing off with a friend this afternoon to see Sex and the City. It’s how I’m coping with the heat — indoors, in a quiet theater, feet propped up, head back, glasses perched low on my nose so that I can see through the distance lens of the bifocal. Okay. I admit it. It’s really a trifocal. I’m in denial. This is what happens when you read…….a lot.

I’m going to try very hard not to turn on the AC. Very hard.

This is one of my fave garden flowers. I really need to move it back into the sun where it does best. We did a lot of shifting of plants last year while working on the exterior renovation and landscape. The leaves are fern-like and the blossoms make me think of little faeries.

The Coreopsis – Moonbeam

It’s the weekend. How are you going to beat the heat?

Gotta go.


2 thoughts on “Freaky Friday…not the movie…

  1. By working in air conditioned buildings đŸ˜¦ I’d really like to go swim in my brother’s pool but it’s a little difficult to do my job there.
    I used to have moonbeam coreopsis as well. I really liked it. So did a critter. It was eaten beyond regeneration.


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