Leading the glam life…

I’m writing today. For exercise, I’m jumping up periodically and scrubbing something. I could use a Molly Man about now. Someone with some muscle and a shovel to scrub out this hovel. Hmm. Scratch poetry off my list.

It’s hot. Really hot. The humidity is the same as the temp — 86 Fahren. If it was dry heat, it would feel beautiful, yum…a perfect summer day. But, it’s the 9th of June, not even summer yet, the humidity equals the temp, and it just feels hot. I’m sweating glistening. Even my specs are glistening. I probably shouldn’t be washing floors. It’s much cooler sitting up here, only moving my fingers and eyes.

Did I mention hovel? I’m plugged into the iPod. Belting out the iTunes. I keep telling myself this is good exercise. Huff. Puff. I have to work off that pulled pork sandwich with the beans and coleslaw I ate on Saturday, which created a black hole in my GI diet. You see, our little town had its first annual Ribfest  this weekend. Three days of Howdy Neighbor, grazing, and listening to everything from Swing to Rock. Not to mention the carnival of rides for the kids. Let’s just say I ate the whole experience.

The carnival made me think of my last high school boyfriend. He worked summers with a traveling carnival, which he loved. I guess that made him my seasonal boyfriend. I never saw him during the summer. Come the end of August, it was back to school and back to being bf⁄bg. He’d show up on my doorstep with a big ol’ grin and an armful of stuffed carnie animals. It was a sweet couple of years. He was a great guy, and I like to think he’s out there somewhere enjoying a big life.

It’s back to Monday. Two movies, buttered popcorn, the Ribfest, and a couple of gin & tonics later, I need to do a powerful lot of cardio to fix this. Writing is pure brain cardio. I need something for the other B word. So, I’ll be exercising both today.

Yeah. Leading the glam life…


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