Creative brain candy…

The heat wave and thunder boomers are over….for now. It’s going to be a gorgeous 75 Fahren for the next few days, so I’m headed out to the back patio to get a little vitamin D while I write. No moss on Elen. I hope that you on the East Coast and in the Midwest of the U.S. will be out of the grip soon. Power restored. No more boomers. No more tornadoes. No more flooding.

The TV programming I’m into right now is So You Think You Can Dance. So, it’s my night. The 20 dancers have been chosen. Let the choreography begin. Anybody else into this? There’s just something about dance. It resonates with me. Like the writer, a choreographer tells a story. And the choreographers for SYTYCD tell some real blockbusters.

Toronto is in the midst of Luminato. It’s a celebration of the performing arts…creative brain candy…and verra sexy. If I’m lucky, I’ll be making another trek into the city to see Slow Dancing and the up and coming artists under 30 at The Distillery.

Just thinking about it gets my creative juices flowing. So, it’s out to the patio. I’m going to feel the breeze, absorb that vitamin D, and enjoy these 140-year-old Iris while they last. My bff, Stitch, gave me these. They were from her grandmother’s patch. Now we have linked gardens, which makes me smile.

Seize the day!


2 thoughts on “Creative brain candy…

  1. I live in the southwest, so no weather worries are in store for me. I do feel bad for the people in the Midwest; they have been suffering from so much bad weather.

    That batch of irises is beautiful.


  2. Leafless – Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment. The Iris is such an old-fashioned flower. I love that about it. Short-lived, but a drama queen while it’s here. 🙂 Much cheer.


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