Bit of a crush…

It’s a bit of a crush this week. Company’s coming. Writer Gal is morphing into Window Woman, 2nd cousin to Wonder Woman sans the great boots. What I really need is a 12th generation Roomba — something that might crawl the walls, as well as the floors. If it could burp a dazzling menu, that would be good, too.

I Googled, but didn’t find anything that crawls the walls…yet. Looks like I’m on my own.

The trouble is that this time of year, all I want to do is stand at the kitchen counter and eat a tomato, or munch on a handful of almonds. They don’t call them the lazy days of summer for nothing, bloggers. Grin. I don’t think that will cut it for capital C company.

So, today you get my Daylilies. I wait, impatiently, for these beauties. They are just beginning to bloom.

Deep Pink Daylily

Chocolate Brown Daylily

Oh. If you’ve got a simple summer menu floating around that will dazzle capital C company, I’m all ears. I’m in a bit of a crush.


3 thoughts on “Bit of a crush…

  1. Feed them the beauty of your garden. And lots of wine. Mel might be on to something. That chocolate brown daylily look delish.
    Are they gourmands? I can send you my light curried chicken salad recipe if they’re not. Big C company sounds fancy though.


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