Too quiet…

It’s quiet. Does anyone else think it’s quiet in the blogosphere? Man. I can hear the cicadas. A bunch of my writer pals are off at a national conference in San Francisco. Hope they took sweaters. Sniff. I’m not. I’m here. Feeling sucky.

That being said, we’ll be taking care of business. Note to self: throw A Knight’s Tale CD in the drive for a little Bachman-Turner Overdrive. Oh, yeah.

First, I’d like to kiss thank Askimet, courtesy of WordPress, for catching those 1,137 spams since Could Be A Blog became — well — a blog. You are fierce.

Second, I’d like to thank my readership for coming day after day to find out how to tie The Dimple in your tie. You’re the best. The Dimple, It’s a Tiebreaker… has had the most hits of any of my posts. It’s one of my favorites, too. Unfortunately, took that link down. So, I’m going to give you their instructions here. Now. I don’t wear ties — often — but I buy ties, and I love looking at all the funky ties they have at their site.

This tie has the dimple...

This tie has the dimple...


1. After you’ve tied your knot but before you tighten it up to your throat, neatly pinch the fabric directly underneath the knot.

2. Keep pinching as you tighten the knot; make sure the dimple’s locked in.

This tie does not.

This tie does not.

Third, I can hardly credit what happened last Thursday on So You Think You Can Dance. C’mon. Will? I thought he would be in the final two. I can’t even put up a poster this week. Had to get that off my chest.

Is this post beginning to sound like the summer edition of any newspaper? You know. When all the columnists go on vacation and  n o t h i n g  is happening, and we’re reading  f i l l e r. Yeah. Thought so. I should stop now. Stopping.


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