Just because…

It’s the last day of July. In my neck of the planet, we’ve exceeded our record rainfall for the month. Thanks to Mother Weather, I have tomatoes like this:

They call this Early Girl.

They call this Early Girl.

I call this Crazy Girl. It's an heirloom tomato crawling all over a chrysanthemum on the far side that won't bloom until fall. The tomatoes are such a dark green that I almost missed them.

I call this Crazy Girl. It's an heirloom tomato crawling all over a chrysanthemum. Right now it only has two little dusky green tomatoes on it. Crazy Girl is a late bloomer.

That’s a lot of rain, Mother Weather. Now, if we get the promised sunshine in August, I just might get to eat my fave sandwich — toasted tomato. Hmm. Make that second fave. I’m still a PB&J girl with lettuce or potato chips for crunch. True love. Yum.

Speaking of which, the online Globe and Mail is running a 12-part series on Canadian writers’ true tales of love. Today’s tale was the third in the series — My Tender Abduction by Ken Hegan. I found it engaging and funny and very romantic. Go. Read.

It begs the question — Have you ever had the romantic surprise pulled on you? Or, have you ever pulled the romantic surprise on someone else? Elen would love to hear your story.

I had the big birthday surprise for a birthday that ended in a zero. After I got over the initial shock and horror, I had the best ever birthday time. I’m the small, intimate gathering type of birthday girl. I thought I was going to a nice little romantic dinner for two. Ha! This was a capital B bash … in a restaurant … with a bunch of friends … with strangers looking on. I was amazed that Mr. G, honey could pull it off. It’s hard to keep a birthday secret from me. I will ferret it out whatever it is! I did love it, and him, for all the care and trouble he went to to put it together. Other than my initial glare at himself, there was only one moment of tension when the waiter brought out a cake and started to sing Happy Birthday. The sweetie quickly cut him off with the universal sign of the finger slicing across the throat. The waiter gave a little jump. It was all good after that.

Ah, sweet love.