New month, new moon, and it’s Friday. Can’t do better than that. That just sounds like a fresh start with limitless possibilities. Anyone else feel this way about the beginning of a new month?

As it’s Friday, I’ll be making my weekly trek to our local farm market to buy whatever fresh produce is available. There’s that word — fresh — again.

It’s date night. Dinner and a movie. I’m in a Space Chimps kind of mood. Mr. G, honey is in a Wanted kind of mood. Now, there’s a great divide. See Elen laugh. I’ll let you know how that turns out.

Here’s something else that’s fresh. Randall Munroe, you are one funny guy. I’m waiting for the t-shirt. Srsly. Courtesy of xkcd.


Go here and mouseover the webcomic for the caption. Really. I’d put it here, if I could.

Go Friday!