A dollop of Sammy Hagar helps…

Furnace needs a new pair of shoes. Forget Payless. I’m talking Louboutin. Bleh. I’m trying to decide which is worse — the money or the interruptions. It’s a toss-up.

OTOH, it’s not a scorcher of a day. In fact, the day is glorious, baby. Okay. I can work with that. All I need is a little Sammy Hagar and I’m on a Roll. If this doesn’t help, nothing will. Better yet. Let’s go to Mexico.

Yeah. Sammy, honey, that’s the way. Let’s hear it again.


After watching the performances and interviews on SYTYCD last night, I’m undecided. Totally. I say winners all. Let’s do a 4-way split.


3 thoughts on “A dollop of Sammy Hagar helps…

  1. Having spent three weeks without AC down here in the South, I feel your pain. Good to get it fixed though, which will prevent you from freezing in a Canadian winter or having your house burn down.

    We’re in total agreement — well, nearly — about SYTYCD. I didn’t vote because I don’t want anyone to leave (what a fab season this has been!) but I do put three of the dancers a tad ahead of the 4th. I’ve also decided in my next life I’m either going to be a crumper or a Bollywood Dancer. Or maybe that requires two more lives?


  2. Oops. Just remembered the rock star and the song writer for George Strait goals. Since I can’t see King George singing to a Bollywood score, or gettin’ down and rappin’ for my crump, I guess that adds two more lives to my future. Which is something to look forward to.


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