Furnace Guy is in my basement. Spending my money. I had to go to Timmie’s for a large double double — hold the heart attack — and a chocolate chip muffin, so I wouldn’t have a mini meltdown. I confess. I didn’t actually have the cc muffin, but I wanted it. Bad.

It’s not a hundred degrees out, so it’s not horrible. This isn’t about suffering. I just don’t like Furnace Guy spending my money, when I could be spending what Gasoline Guy doesn’t get on something from Zappos. Yeah. Zappos has a Canadian presence. Finally. A best friend forever told me. I call her  D e v i l   W o m a n  now.

This weekend is about catch-up writing and sanding. Well, I might spend a few minutes flicking the switch on and off on the furnace checking for any signs of burning smells — probably while I’m reading the bill. It’s got that new furnace smell, just like that new car smell.


Congratulations to America’s Favorite Dancer —

J O S H U A ! ! ! !

Man, I’m really looking forward to Step Up 3 in 3D. The first dance movie in 3D. How about that dance fans? Adam Shankman made that little announcement on the finale last night. Hurry-up. I can hardly wait. I’m already feeling withdrawal from SYTYCD. There were so many talented dancers this year, and the choreographers brought new game.

Here comes the weekend. Go wild!