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We are green, as in grass green and leaf green. Green. Green. Green. Why? Because it does nothing but rain. It rains part of every day. It rained and boomed all of Saturday. Usually, we’re browning-off at this time of year. Dead grass. Dead leaves. Dead. Dead. Dead. Did I mention cloudy? The first floor was so dark that I couldn’t get a good sand going. Instead, I made like Lil’ Martha Stewart this weekend. Housekeeping sucks. It just keeps coming. This is what I’m doing now…and forever.

Breakfast with Elen

Elen at Night

Please, tell me you had a better weekend than I did. I have to go now. It’s raining and booming again.


2 thoughts on “Just keep scrolling…

  1. I had a fantastic weekend. I went to a NASCAR race in the Finger Lakes District of New York where, despite the forecast, it did not rain. I thought of you. They have fabulous wineries with names like Redneck Winery and Pompous Ass. I kid you not.


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