Yes, this is the right place…

If you’ve been here before, you’re noticing something different. If you’re new, welcome.

I’ve made a wee bit of a change. I loved my previous dark and sexy blog theme; but it’s been almost a year, and I like to shake things up. I’m totally smitten with my new banner, an image by Achim Prill called Glass Scenery, and my new look. Yum.

The Tech Baby move went pretty smooth. I love being on campus with students and parents on move-in weekend. You can feel the angst and smell freedom in the air. We’re empty-nesting for eight months again — shocking — which just feels weird. Fall brings a new rhythm, and this is just part of it. Gracie Allen Golden Pup and Goddess of Mope is going to sigh us all into a coma.

We stumbled into the theater on Friday night, exhausted, to see Woody Allen’s Vicky Cristina Barcelona. I was like a bug stuck on a windshield. I couldn’t move, and I couldn’t look away. You could go for the scenery alone, and I was highly entertained. I wanted to run away to Spain. Right then. Watch the trailer here. Mr. G, honey, don’t read this next part. I could look at Javier Bardem for a long time. A verra, verra long time.

I’ve got the shredder in my wreck-of-an-office today, and I’m making it smoke. It IS the Labor Day weekend after all. Tomorrow, I plan to get some pages written, but I may take it out to the patio. We’re having two days of consecutive sunshine. That may be a first here this summer.

I really need to find something tall and icy. A longneck would qualify, right?

Let’s play Twitter. What are you doing right now?


2 thoughts on “Yes, this is the right place…

  1. I love the new banner. I think I’ll miss the dark and sexy look though. You do like to shake things up.
    Enjoy the sunshine! It’s supposed to be here until :gasp: Thursday. šŸ˜€


  2. Thanks, Keziah. The banner is a beaut. It’s the abstract detail of a piece of glass sculpture.

    Well, I’ve saved the CSS code for the dark and sexy theme for when I’m feeling… šŸ˜€


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