I’m laboring…

It’s Labor Day. Seems fitting that I’m laboring, though this is supposed to be a day of celebration about labor and for laborers.

I’m laboring because Water Tank Guy is coming tomorrow to replace a tank that’s been in my house since 1989 — longer than I have. We have floor to ceiling pantry shelves on a landing between the basement and the first floor. They all have to be removed and a big space cleared around the existing water tank so Water Tank Guy and the Tankers — sounds like a 1970s pop group — can do their installation magic.

My plan is to close myself up in my office with Gracie Golden Pup and pretend I’m in an alternate universe. See no water tank. Hear no water tank. Speak to no water tank guy. Mr. G, honey has been designated the requisite eighteen-year-old-or-older who must be present for the unveiling. It only seems fair. I was present for duty during the entire exterior renovation last year. Yeah. I got a lot done.

The current water tank has worked perfectly for 19 years. Pray for me.

Are you laboring today, or getting in that last holiday before the dreaded-by-children-everywhere first day of school? Yes. Many of you are already back to school, like my nieces and neffies, but not so here in my little neck of Canadaland.


4 thoughts on “I’m laboring…

  1. I’m laboring. Listening to my new fave Damien Rice and inputting like mad. All those little *** place holders are making me surf the ‘net for research. And blogs. They’re research right?

    “Water Tank Guy and the Tankers — sounds like a 1970s pop group” Snort. I thought the same thing.


  2. Their “Best Of” album is now available, and contains such hits as:

    “Sump Pump My Heart”
    “You Fill (This Well of Love)”
    “Sewer of Loneliness”


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