I cannot tell a lie…

Writer friend, Melissa Francis, inspired this post. I never miss reading her blog. She’s got a dynamite new website, and her debut novel — Bite Me! — is being released next year. Go Mel!

So, let’s play What’s Your Ringtone?

I’ll start. Paolo Nutini’s New Shoes. I’m listening now, Paolo, honey.

A blog quickie. That’s all I’ve got this morning.

Tuesday. Here she comes. Hello, Water Tank Guy.


5 thoughts on “I cannot tell a lie…

  1. Funny. I was listening to Paolo Nutini Million Faces. You introduced me to him at our last writing get together.
    My actual ringtone is Jack’s Lament from the Nightmare before Christmas.


  2. hello dahlink!

    as I confessed, my ‘normal’ ringtone is POP! GOES MY HEART from Music and Lyrics. I have some personalized ringtones like STUTTERING by Ben’s Brother for the hubby and Queen’s BEST FRIEND for Maria…

    I love ringtones. And I really love Paolo Nutini’s New Shoes…maybe I’ll download that for some of my shoe loving friends…


  3. either Pearl Jam’s Jeremy, or this bizarre thing that came installed on my phone. To a rapping beat it goes “please pick up the phone, oh won’t you please pick up the phone”

    but now I’m covetous of Jack’s Lament


  4. Mel – HAH! I love Music and Lyrics! My wife and I had that song stuck in our heads for a lot of our 12.5 hour drive today…

    My ringtone is the most annoying sound effect that came with the phone. When people hear it, they tell me I need to change it. The only reason I use it is because the RAZR’s vibrate function is weak, so I miss calls if I don’t set it to ring.


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