Shh. Elen is…

I’m trying to get through the day, when I desperately want to just put my head down on my desk and have a power n.a.p.

Yesterday was all about volunteering. At the end of the day, I was too tuckered, too beat, too frazzled to blog. Been there? Done that?

I’ve been doing this V-project for a long time. It’s satisfying, but labor-intensive in the fall. I like doing the hands-on thing. I can look forward to a few more days of the same. Not today.

It’s blowing like Santa Ana winds here, and we have Gustav to thank for that. Watching it. Hearing it. Yeah. It makes me want to n.a.p.

I may suffer national political convention withdrawal next week, but for now — n.a.p.

Labor Day has me all confused. It can’t be Friday already. OTOH — It’s Friday! And, I’ll get to it. Right after I…………….zzzz

I don’t even have a twitter in me. This is not good. Coffee Red Bull Snickers. I need it.