Rogue Green Tomatoes…

It feels like chrysanthemum weather today. By the look of my bud-loaded babies, it won’t be long until these favored garden flowers are in bloom. The wild flowers along the side of the road are getting that yellowy-brown look to them which I love, and I saw a big hunk of Maple tree leaves turned a dull red while driving to the market this morning.

Here’s a pic of our rogue tomato – Crazy Girl. She’s heading skyward. Her tomatoes are getting big, but remain a sober green.

Hey. Crazy Girl. I don’t think you got the memo. You’re in Canada. Honey, we’ll be picking you green if you don’t get your tomatoes in gear. Know what I’m saying?

Somebody better send me a recipe for fried green tomatoes. Speaking of which, I loved that movie. Remember it? This is my fave scene.

Peeking out on the other side of Crazy Girl is my winter savory. An herb in bloom.

Mr. G, honey says I’m getting the pumpkin farm look in my eyes. Pumpkin fever. Oh, yeah.

It’s time to get back to a rogue of a different kind — a hunk of fictional sin-on-a-stick.

Go weekend!


2 thoughts on “Rogue Green Tomatoes…

  1. My tomatoes are the same. We simply have not had enough sun this year. Too much rain. I t has smelled like Fall all week. :sigh:

    “Sin-on-a-stick” That sounds painful. Just saying.


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