The thing about October is that it has a dark side; it’s the dark. When the days shorten and the light fades so does my brain, and I have an overwhelming urge to jump into my flannel jammies and snuggle in for the duration. Shades of bear.

To compound matters, Daylight-Saving Time is about to end — Nov. 2nd, just two days before the U.S. election. We’re going to fall back; move the big hand back one whole hour. I used do a mental Yippee! Another hour of sleep. This year I’m thinking another hour sitting in the dark waiting for the sun to rise. Groan.

I guess we’re supposed to be happy that it’s lighter for another hour at the end of the work day. Of course, come November, it will be getting dark about 4:30 in the afternoon here anyway, so what does it matter?

November is when I start wishing for big snow. Snow that sticks. Snow makes everything brighter on my street…happier. November snow puts a big ol’ smiley face on the neighborhood. Hope we get some.

Okay. This is really bad. I’m wishing for snow in November. Yikes. I should never blog on Mondays.

I’m kind of crushin’ on the word darksome today. Boy, it just doesn’t take much, does it?

Well, bloggers, it’s Labour Day in New Zealand. Let’s get to work.


2 thoughts on “Darksome…

  1. I just finished telling someone how much I love the wet gloomy darksome 😀 This is the weather that gets me up and out the door for a run with Ky. But I love to burrow beneath the covers for awhile first. I can feel my body relax with each drop of rain against the window.

    Snow in November is how it’s supposed to be in Canada. Snow is fun. Snow is hot chocolate, fireplaces and hotties with snowblowers. Snow is good.


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