The G, the B, the U, and the Other…

Emu HeadThat pretty much sums up this weekend.

The good — Half of the putting-the-garden-to-bed got done. Oh, and a big, badass pot of chili got made. I’m hoping it will last us through the winter. Cooking, while cathartic and sometimes totally enjoyable, is a repetitive task. One I could do without at the moment. But, it does trump vacuuming and toilets.

The bad — I did not write a single word. Not one. Posting here isn’t part of my word count, nor is Twitter.

The ugly — Golden Barf Pup hurled all weekend — mostly on my bedroom carpet. Replacing the bedroom carpet has moved to the top of my list, just under roof needs doin’. Do you have any idea how much hurl a Golden can hurl? I secretly wished she was a Chihuahua all weekend and, frankly, I don’t like wee dogs all that much. Anything you can put in a Birkin bag is just an accident-waiting-to-happen in my house. I’m beginning to read the signals. Last time, I managed to move her head quick enough that she bull’s-eyed the newspaper TV guide. Elen – 1, TV guide – 0. It’s back to puppy gruel for Golden Pup. Don’t know what Golden Pup ate. All socks and undies accounted for.

The other — I still haven’t made my decision about Sven, as in sweating with for 70 days. The challenge starts today. It’s probably just what I need to pull myself out of the news junkie Election 2008 rabbit hole I’ve fallen into. It’s over, but I’m still scanning the feeds for info. I don’t know if I’m being paranoid or vigilant.

Still. Sven. I remember the mat master well.

Good Morning, Monday.


2 thoughts on “The G, the B, the U, and the Other…

  1. After a weekend of dog hurls, you need to do something nice for yourself. Like setting aside time to sweat with Sven.

    I do not envy you the dog hurls one bit. I’m amazed by what the 16lb westie can do when properly motivated. Any dog with a larger stomach capacity might be the end of me.

    Hope that Golden Gracie is back to feeling well and keeping her food to herself soon.


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