Once upon a time… No. Wait. It was a dark…

Deadline clockI’m waiting for Sven. I’m showered and on the mat. I’ve had my breakfast of champions and my multi-vits. I didn’t shave my legs, so I’m wearing sweats. What Sven doesn’t know won’t hurt him. Besides, I’m pretty sure he didn’t shave his legs either. I’ve got cross-trainers bunny slippers on my feet and my writer’s cap on. The CD from Lara Croft Tomb Raider is in the player.

Here comes the mat master now. He’s as hawt as I remembered — distractingly so. He just gave me the head-to-toe once over. I think he’s loving those bunny slippers; the size of my writer’s butt, not so much. Uh, oh. He’s flashing the grin that makes my little Sven-sweating heart tremble…..not in a good way.

And, so it begins.

Once upon a time…


2 thoughts on “Once upon a time… No. Wait. It was a dark…

  1. I have this sinking feeling you’re describing my yoga class. Maybe you had a little spy drone flying overhead? lol. Seriously though, I know EXACTLY what you mean. Yoga is all about accepting yourself as you are, which would be a LOT easier if the room we practice in did NOT have mirrors. Right? Best of luck with your instructor . . . I have to admit though, our yoga poses give me a LOT of material to work with in my writing. : )-


  2. Hey Drue! Nice to see you here. Thanks for the encouragement. Your comments about yoga made me laugh, because I have stuck my toe in the yoga pool. I’d rather meet Sven on the mat any day. He doesn’t give a whit about my downward facing dog. The only thing he cares about is my word count. lol


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