Tales of the weekend…

Orange SocksMr. G, honey is down in the kitchen, as we speak, putting up a bar, so I can hang towel art. Yes. As we speak. What a guy. His reward will be on the dining room table at dinner time — meatloaf and mashed potatoes — a man meal. There’ll be some salad and green veggie matter of the antioxidant persuasion, too, but he won’t even see that. All his big man eyes are going to see is meatloaf and mashed potatoes. It’s a win win.

Speaking of a win win. We tripped out to the theater with another couple for date night Friday night and saw Australia. I heart Baz Luhrmann. He got my attention with Romeo + Juliet (1996), Moulin Rouge! (2001), and now Australia. All four of us came away thoroughly satisfied. I especially enjoyed the guy in the row behind us enjoying it. A strong, positive audience reaction to a film only it makes it better. Nicole Kidman is a big, versatile talent. Hugh Jackman — wasn’t he just named PEOPLE’S 2008 sexiest man alive? Enough said. The movie is grand in the old style of Giant (1956) with Elizabeth Taylor, Rock Hudson and James Dean and sweeping in the style of Out of Africa (1985) with Meryl Streep and Robert Redford. My reviewer stomped all over it. I knew I was going to love it. Go. See. Decide for yourself.

Mr. G, honey has his trusty stud finder out, getting serious with that kitchen wall. Why doesn’t somebody event something like that that I can sweep across my writing board and find plot, character, landscape? Now, that would be a writing tool I could get behind.


I started this post on Saturday, which has somehow morphed into Monday. There was a little glitch with that towel bar. Gonna require a trip to Lee Valley. I think somebody is getting a jump on his Christmas shopping. The meatloaf was bliss. Best recipe ever. Handed down from generation to generation, with salt content modified at this generation. Best. Ever.

Time to shuffle downstairs and let the mat master in. Gotta go.

Happy sleety, rainy, snowy, etc., etc.,………Monday.


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  1. Dang it, I encased that statement in (obvious joke)(/obvious joke) tags. Web forms need to reach an agreement about how they handle greaterthan/lessthan.


  2. My twinkle lights are sparkling, Miss Keziah. You should jump on your magic carpet and fly across the lake. I have a force field around my house keeping the cold and gloomy at bay. Ha! Let me pull the other one. 😉


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