Rescue me, Fontella Bass…


This is a little votive lantern that I forgot to bring in for the winter, because it’s tucked into a corner of the house. It’s looking rather forlorn, don’t you think?


This is my potting table. It looks like it’s wearing a big, fat marshmallow toque.


I call this Compost Bin With Shovel. Even a lowly slider phone image deserves a title. This is my bin at night wearing the mother-of-all marshmallows. I think I need a s’more. I have marshmallow on the brain.

I want me some of this.

Beach Tubing

Nobody sings it like Fontella Bass.  I love what they did with it in Sister Act, too.

The snowplow guy is the only one going up and down my street. He’s beginning to look pretty good. C’mere snowplow guy…


p.s. Tomorrow a Canadian best friend forever is having me over for an Obama Inaugural Celebration Day. I’m sure wine will be involved, so you might not see me until Wednesday.