boy howdy…

Neon Question Mark SmallDoes anyone know what happened to last week? I sure don’t. It all started with the inaugural party I spent the day at on Tuesday — which was fine, as in verra fine — and went south from there. I was out more than in; gone more than here; absent more than present. Okay, that last one might have been my brain. Just sayin’.

It was capital C cold last week. Colder than this northern girl likes. Who am I kidding. I’m a southern girl — well, the boot of a border state — trapped in a northern girl clime. I hate the cold. By the time I togged up every day last week,  I looked like the abominable penguin sporting aviator sunglasses.  And let me say right now that the toque is the ugliest snow gear on the planet. The  u g l i e s t .  Go ahead. Google. I do not have a toque head. I do not know what kind of head I have, but it’s definitely not a toque head.

This is the burning Monday morning question. What is your most desperate act of procrastination?

Oops. Sorry. I had to stop and watch an ugly toque jog down the road. Penguin head. Def.

The last resort of procrastination. The bottom of the barrel.

I’ll go first.

Rolling pennies.

Yep. Counting out fifty pennies at a time and rolling them in those little tube thingies, which come in plastic AND paper, just for mindless variety. Yep. I hit a new procrastination low on the weekend. Rolling pennies.

Okay. Entertain me. Fess-up.

Here’s your Monday morning humor. Go on. Look.

Hello Monday.


9 thoughts on “boy howdy…

  1. Rooting for worms. Yep, I spent the better part of the morning looking through the compost bin under the sink for the squirm. Where would they go? That’s the most hospitable place in the house for them. I didn’t need to search. I could have just tossed the scraps in and assumed they were bedded down and munching away. But no, I didn’t want to do more than open the Word document so I dug through the bin looking for worms. Didn’t see a single one. I was on the verge of taking everything out of the bin and poking through carefully when I realized a)that would stress the little guys b)it was super messy and c) writing a scene would be a waaaaaaaaay better use of my time.

    Try it. Look for worms. That will drive you back to the ms faster than anything.


  2. It depends. General procrastination involves messageboards. Procrastination plus stir crazy usually means that I’ll clean obsessively…unless I’m procrastinating on cleaning.


  3. to procrastinate, i simply use the following equation

    let S be the set of activities I am supposed to be doing. Now let P be the set containing absolutely everything on the planet I could do that is not contained in S.

    I simply do everything in P. Then, if necessary, I go back to sleep, break my computer, or watch TV.


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