Here’s looking at you, Sven…

The Sven Report 5 and final –

70 Days of Sweat - 2The 4th 70 Days of Sweat Challenge, aka Sweating with Sven, aka Sven officially ended yesterday. This is how I, #150, finished — 52,658 of 60k. 87%. I have 7, 342 to go. Sven is a terrific mat master. Hawt, too. Now it’s time to say goodbye.

Here’s looking at you, Sven. Enjoy your next crop of challengers. Just remember, nobody makes a Christmas cookie with sprinkles like I do.

And a huge thank you to the challenge sponsors, who inspire and support through their frequent posts. You rock!

It’s been a struggle, especially the muddle in the middle. But I’m continuing on. Conn is going to step up to the plate, since — sniff — Sven is taking a little beach break with Ilsa.

Remember Conn? Yeah. Right here. He usually hovers in the sidebar, but not until my adopted soldier comes home. FYI — 662 soldiers are waiting to be adopted as I write this post.


Let the games continue. Yeah. Come to mama.


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