Work it out, baby…

FatChicksRunning inspired this blog.

The word  e x e r c i s e  makes me cringe, but if you say  d a n c e  I’m all over it.  Remember this? I think every other man in America was bellied up to the bar at noon — M-F — noshing and watching four more, three more, two more…

Well, I participated in the four more, three more, two more and still have my leotards stashed in the back of a drawer somewhere.

We’ve come a long way, baby. Now, we’re into this ~

Go here and read all about Hogzilla’s experience with ZUMBA and check-out the videos. No. 2 is my fave. Hips. Don’t. Lie. Right, Shakira, honey?

ZUMBA — This is something that I can really get my BEhind, behind.

It’s Friday bloggers. You know what that means. Right?


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