You know what this means…

…Don’t you?

Orchid 2

Orchid 3


This little flower stem wasn’t even there last week. I’m feeling a little warm fuzzy. I’m feeling a little hopeful. Yes I am.

Take that Old Man W, J Frost, and Wiarton Willie!

I’m not actually looking out the window as I write this. I’m in snow denial. Nope. Not looking out the window at all.

I only pegged one of the winners on American Idol last night. That was Alexis Grace. I probably wouldn’t do well at the racetrack either. I’m just as happy about Danny Gokey and Michael Sarver. Congrats to all.

I’ve spent part of the day watching the Canadian coverage of President Obama’s visit to Canada and his meeting with Prime Minister Harper. Pretty cool.

Aside: I do love how our RCMP look in uniform. All that yummy, booted redness against the winter white of Ottawa. Sigh. I kind of wished I was skating on the Rideau Canal, too. Well, except for the cold….. ice….. toques….. falling on my fanny….. stuff like that.