Girls who wear glasses…

I’m playing catch-up. Trying to get the word count moving forward before Conn looks up from the online Victoria’s Secret new arrivals and spring break essentials that he’s researching drooling over. Can you call it research if there’s a wee bit of drool collecting at the corner of… right there? Can you? I think not, Conn.

As you probably know from reading My sorry tale…, it’s been a wet mess around here. We’re back in the marriage bed in the His & Her bedroom, but my dresser is trash and my world is a bit topsy-turvy. And I’m close to becoming Little Miss Cranky.

Mama Weather made a special visit today. To distract myself I decided to take a phone pic of the imprint of my Canadian winter walking boots made in Quebec by Martino. Is this tread not awesome?


I’ve had these boots for about five years, and they have never failed me. Never. Kind of looks like a size abominable snow boot. Doesn’t it?

Today was a mixed trash bag. The computer went a little wiggy and kept crashing. It’s stopped now. Maybe it was sucking-in some of my Little Miss Cranky vibes.

specsI took a little break from writing watching Conn online with VS and decided to stretch out on my little velvety blue sofa — yeah, that one — for a read. I rolled over on my glasses and popped both the lenses out. Both. Of. Them. Luckily, I had one of those teeny tiny screwdrivers for people who rollover on their specs. FYI — It is possible to put them in wrong. I had the right in the right and the left in the left, but they were dirty, and I couldn’t see. So, I used my teeny tiny screwdriver again. Then, I had the right in the left and the left in the right. Believe me when I tell you, you don’t want to do this. It was just wrong. I got a little dizzy and couldn’t see very well, but I thought my hair looked pretty good.

Girls who wear glasses… probably shouldn’t nap on them.

So, is anybody watching the Oscars on Sunday night? I admit. I’ve only seen three of the nominated movies — WALL-E, Iron Man, and Frost/Nixon. I thought all of these were great films for different reasons, and if Frank Langella won actor in a leading role for Frost/Nixon, I’d be good with that. He was phenomenal.

We’re over Hump Day. The weekend is just around the  corner. I can conjure up a little smile for that. Yes. Yes I can.