I’m such a kid…

I’m such a kid.

I don’t apologize.


Tomato, baby! Campbell’s. There is no other if you’re a kid, or me.

In this…

There is no other if you’re a kid, or me.

I’ve had these soup mugs forever. Okay. They didn’t exit the womb with me, but a long time. Long. Time.

I have four. Still chip-free. That comes under the heading Miracle.

I paired my Campbell’s with a grilled Granny Smith apple and white cheddar — of the old variety — cheese sandwich on multigrain. Knocks my socks off every time.

Lunch as God intended.

Sometime on Friday, I’ll be in Matinee-land seeing this…

Mr. G, honey is girding his loins.

No, really. He’s a good sport.

No, really. I’m going to owe him big time. He’s gonna make me see The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo on the Big Screen, when I would prefer to see it on say, my iPhone.

Try not to judge me. I’ve been a Stephanie Plum fan for a long time.

I’ll let you know.

Who else is going?

That’s all for Hump Day, aka Wednesday, folks!