Zip, zip…

Computer DudeThis was one of those zip, zip weekends. Meet with the contractor. Again. A new roof is going on the humble abode in April. April showers bring May flowers. Hmm. I probably should have chosen July. What’re the odds the roof hotties are going to be taking their shirts off in April because it’s too hot? Zip. Zilch. Nada.  Working from home, a writer has to get her entertainment where she can. Not that I would be looking. Nope. Wouldn’t be doing that. The view from over my garage is my window on the world. Come April, there’ll be men-with-tools on that garage roof. Just sayin’.

The G and I were cruising neighborhoods on Saturday looking at roof colors… where the snow had melted. Well, I might have been still looking for Santa and his reindeer. We’re deciding between charcoal, slate and pewter gray. My little heart is going pitty-pat. The contractor has already offered to slap some larger samples up on my roof. He knows me so well after the exterior reno with the siding and all. I like to let the neighbors weigh-in, and they’re not shy. So the longer those samples are up, the better. See reference to entertainment in first paragraph. I’m leaning towards pewter gray.

The tech baby had a birthday. Yep. Cake — in all its cakey goodness.  Why is this not the 9th or 10th wonder?

I went over to Susan Elizabeth Phillips’ website to raid her recipe page. SEP is a beloved author. I love her sports heroes. All of them.

SEP likes to share recipes that her characters might enjoy. I was looking for something vegetarian, so I grabbed Bobby Tom Denton’s Black Bean and Sweet Potato Burritos. Bobby Tom Denton is the ex-jock cowboy getting all tangled up with the ex-nursing-home-manager-turned-bodyguard, prim and proper Gracie Snow in the book Heaven, Texas. It’s fast-paced. It’ll make you laugh. Make you cry. Make you want more.

Let me tell you, those burritos were almost as scrumptious as Bobby Tom. Almost. Read the book. You’ll love it. Read anything by SEP. You can’t go wrong. Make the burritos. You’ll love them, too. The whole fam gave it two thumbs up. It doesn’t get any better than that.

I finished off the weekend with the Oscars. The twitters were flying. I couldn’t keep up. Probably because I was having to run into my office and check tweets during commercial breaks. My laptop is not hooked up to the Internet. Self-preservation. I only guessed one category correctly — Kate Winslet for best actress in a leading role. I thought the way they introduced the nominees for best actress/actor in leading and supporting roles was classy. I hope they do it again. I loved Hugh Jackman as host. Go Wolverine!

Zip, zip and the weekend was over. How about you?

This week, I want to spend all my time with Conn. Hear me, Contractor Guy? Insurance Guy? My Guy? Conn must be appeased.

I just said that because Conn is looking over my shoulder as I type. Honest, Mr. G, honey.

Hello, Monday.