I need some of this today…

This is my favorite opening for Dancing With The Stars. Let’s Dance, Vanessa, honey. The song is on my iPod under the playlist — blush — assercise!, because my writer’s butt experienced double-digit inflation some seasons back and hasn’t quite recovered. The economy is not the only thing that needs a new stimulus package. My body is tanking. I’ve got SparkPeople working on that with me, and you can’t find a better stimulus team than that.

DWTS will be back on March 9th, and I can hardly wait. This is the eighth season. Who knew! They hit my radar about season four. I didn’t really think I would be that into them because I was really into So You Think You Can Dance. But I loved the judges and watching people, who have not professionally trained, strut their stuff.

And now, I must go and cardio-dance my little wb off, as in — Fanny Be Gone! Otherwise The Spark Guy will hunt me down. Hunt. Me. Down. Actually, not. He’s way too nice for that.