I went twitterless this weekend and…

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… it was liberating. Totally. That’s right. No tweets. Okay. Maybe one tweet. Something to do with MONTH OF MEL and a 5K run.

This is how I spent my twitterless time:

~ I took Gracie Allen Swamp Dog for a walk, or ten, and soaked-up some Vitamin D. Great for the complexion.

~ I spent the day on one of my favorite shopping streets in the GTA, soaked up some Vitamin D — great for the complexion — and bought this:


Yes. It’s a timer for my office. A verra loud timer. And she shall be dubbed TweetyBug. A true friend for Mr. Peeps, don’t you think?

~ Went on a date with Mr. G, honey and friends and saw Slumdog Millionaire, ate good food and drank a Murphy’s Irish Stout, from County Cork. Now, everyone knows I’m a Guinness Girl. Guinness all the way. But I have to tell you, this was creamy. This was smooth. This was the dessert of the stout world.

~ Read new-to-me author Robyn Carr’s Shelter Mountain, a Virgin River novel. Thank you, Robyn Carr, for a great read. I’ll be reading more. More. More.

I’d say I used my twitterless time wisely. I think I shall be going twitterless more often.

Hello, Monday. It’s business as usual.


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