The grass…

it might be greener… over there. I think I might just hie myself over.

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A little smile before Hump Day arrives and because, well… it’s only 35 Fahren here today. And cloudy. With rain coming. And snow tomorrow. And I don’t want to work today.

The sound you hear is the smack of my head hitting the keyboard.


3 thoughts on “The grass…

  1. The sound of lawn mowers and leaf blowers were buzzing all weekend. Mulch guy is coming this week to make beds — where sunshine bright daffodils are blooming and tulips are getting ready to open all pretty.

    Trees look like giant, colorful lollipops.

    Birds and squirrels are in crazy love mode.

    Yellow pollen is all over the glass top of the deck table. (Okay, that’s admittedly not such fun.)

    Spring has sprung.

    Maybe you oughta come visit down south of the Mason-Dixon line?


  2. Oops. There needs to be a closing dash between “open” and “all pretty” in that first paragraph.

    I need a copy editor.

    I am also blaming all mistakes for the next month on spring fever. 🙂


  3. Until further notice, all mistakes may be blamed on spring fever. Unless, of course, you are a Northern Girl; then all mistakes may be blamed on Mama Weather. Just sayin’.


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