I have no idea…

I swear. I followed the recipe exactly. Step by step. These are pumpkin muffins. Just in case you can’t tell. They are supposed to be soft and moist and fluffy, not to mention low in fat and full of nutritional goodness.


Yesterday on Twitter, I offered them as clay targets to skeeters everywhere. Mr. G, honey was actually eating them. Amazing.


The only thing I can say is that they match my sideboard nicely. Don’t you think?


Hey, Conn! C’mere. Got something yummy for ya. Wonder Boy Muse — aka Alpha Muse — Conn is totally unaffected by DST. Elen exacts her revenge.


2 thoughts on “I have no idea…

  1. Blame the weather. It’s too erratic to be conducive to baking. I have a great pumpkin muffin recipe. I want to hop up and bake them right this minute. But alas, no pumpkin in the house. Bad Elen. Cravings.


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