Make it so…

Model Legs 2I’m in denial over DST, aka Daylight Saving Time, so I am not going to speak of it. Not one word. Nope. Ain’t gonna happen. Now that my circadian rhythm is trashed, I don’t have the energy. Besides, I can’t tell my springing forward from my falling back. Hello. Circadian rhythm trashed. See Elen moving on.

Oh, boy. Oh, boy. Friday was the first no boots day in forever. I was the unbooted. Not to be confused with the undead. I actually got to slip my feet into a pair of leather Clarks. That’s maybe two degrees of separation from flip-flops and pedicures.

Saturday, it rained cats and dogs. Okay. Maybe demons. And I was wearing wellies. Not the attractive kind either. What’s a wellie anyway, but just another word for tread. The downside is that the backyard is a soupy, muddy, rainy, snowmelt mess, and the Golden Pup has morphed into the Mud Pup. In between the soupy, muddy, rainy, snowmelt mess, we have patches of ice and mounds of snow. You gotta love northern weather.

Wellie with flowersI don’t really care. I got a bouncy, snappy, sassy hair prune and blow dry on Friday and all is right in my world. We’re losing the winter hitch in the neighborhood giddyup.

Now, don’t go all shock & horror on me, but I don’t even mind that tomorrow is Monday. That’s right. It’s just one day closer to the equinox. Forget New Year. This is when you really want that ball to drop in Times Square. In my hemisphere it will be the vernal equinox. You know what that means. Oh, yeah.

Spring, baby, Spring.


10 thoughts on “Make it so…

  1. I once had a c.e. who said spring began when the calendar says it does. I say it begins when spring training starts. πŸ™‚

    Sassy hair. Color me envious. You probably don’t want to know it’s 78 degrees down here.


  2. I’m with you on the spring training, but things probably look a little different here than there when ST starts. πŸ˜‰

    No. I do not want to know that. Color ME envious. Oh, and sassy hair is all about attitude!

    Enjoy your beautiful weather. Cheers.


  3. We’ll be able to get our flip-flops out soon. Right now we can settle for mud between our toes. It’s raining and warm – a whopping 41 degrees. I’ll take it, cause I’m a Northern girl


  4. I hate DST. My body has a very strange way of compensating… It sleeps for the whole day. It seems to think “okay fine, mess with my sleep, see if I care… I will just punish you by sleeping for at least 24 hours until I feel better about the world’s weirdness intruding on my circadian rhythm”.

    Sigh, I had a lot to do today too.


  5. Keziah – Mud between our toes? That’s yesterday’s news. That’s history. lolz

    I’m playing make believe today. I might even have an imaginary friend. We’ll both be wearing flip-flops. πŸ˜€

    Just give me a minute to shake the ice snow off the Blue Spruce.


  6. Well that lasted long. Not. It’s freezing here again today. When will it end, she wails
    If you don’t leave the house today you won’t have to wear boots. That’s my solution and I’m sticking to it.


  7. I am behind on this, but by boots, I’m guessing Keziah doesn’t mean the zip-up the side suede stilettos with the sexy leather criss-cross strap across the instep and around the back of the heel that I wear down here?

    Where, did I mention, it’s 78 degrees and sunny?

    Sorry!!! LOL


  8. Can I post a picture? Hmm. Don’t know how. I’ll just send it to you so you can see.

    They are, indeed, yummy. Better yet, hugely comfortable; I’ve raced all over Manhattan in them. Leaped into the middle of Broadway and claimed taxis from annoying businessmen who tried to steal them. They are Wonder Boots.

    And yes, they are Zappos. πŸ™‚


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