This right here…

Summer Car Legs

I’m going to be doing a summer legs theme for a while, until I get over the fact that it is March — Northern Girl March — and I’ve worn nothing but sweats-jeans-trousers-snow pants-tights-leggings… for six bazillion months. What other fashion look would you put with a winter-chapped face?

I need me some summer legs. For sure.

This right here. This made me…


… want to have another baby — I mean — puppy. Just look at all that puppy goodness. Gracie Golden Pup could use a little Golden brother or sister, don’t you think? Don’t I wish we had the space for another Golden pup.

Puppy school. Crate training. How to climb up the stairs. How to get back down. Where we do our business. Where we don’t do our business. Water bowl etiquette. Shots. Spaying or neutering. Oh, man. It would have to be a sister, because Mr. G, honey wouldn’t be able to handle that whole neuter thing. Not one snip.

As cute as this little sugar lump is, I would most likely go the rescue dog route if I were going to do this again.

Probably just a little baby puppy powder hormone escaped today. That is all. Sigh.

This definitely looks like a procrasti-writing post to me. Def.

Happy Hump Day!


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  1. My friend’s Golden Pup is going to have pups of her own soon. You should come visit right around then…just to snuggle not take home. Unless you must. But really the snuggling might scratch the itch,


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