I did something this week…

Black Sandals

I did something this week that I haven’t done in a long time. I bought a copy of Vogue magazine. Specifically, I bought the March issue of Vogue. Why? I cannot tell a lie. Because First Lady Michelle Obama was on the cover. I had to have it. She’s beautiful and intelligent and gracious, and exudes warmth and vitality. And she has that little playful thing going, too. I wish FLMO well and will be watching with great interest.

FYI — Vogue. Loved the ad for Payless shoes.

I have never been so happy to usher out the old month and usher in the new. Good-bye, February. Go ahead. Slam the door on your way out. Just leave.

Hello March, honey. Come to mama. Let me feel the love. The warmth. The sunshine.

My wall calendar for this year is an Edward Hopper — American artist, 1882 – 1967. The March image is Cape Cod Sunset. See what’s missing? Yes. Buckets of snow. I love his work for the subject matter and bold use of color.

I have high hopes for March. I want to discover my crocuses at the side of the house. I want to trim shrubs. See dirt. Ride my bike. Wear something besides sweats and Thorlos socks and boot tread. Hear the slap of the sidewalk under my feet.

What hopes do you have for March, other than staying employed in the new economy? That’s a given.

I’m still in the ring with Conn. Duking it out.

Today, I’m kind of wondering why I’m on Twitter.

Don’t look, but Monday’s coming.


2 thoughts on “I did something this week…

  1. I’m amazed there’s an ad for Payless shoes in Vogue. What a sign of the times, I suppose. I love FLMO and I must have my sweetie, aka web boy, mail boy, and food forage boy, pick me up a copy of Vogue when he makes his weekly trek to the Krogers grocery store tomorrow.

    Hopper always makes me feel a little sad and lonely. I have two wall calendars in my office. One the USO sends me every year and this year the other one is from Better Homes and Gardens, featuring a garden of the month. Last month was a mass of tulips, this month there’s a fabulous Japanese garden, the tip of the month is telling me to top my beds with an inch of mulch and prune my roses when my forsythias bloom — oops, too late, garden boy did that last month! — and the flower of the month, for some reason I can’t comprehend, since it wouldn’t be blooming in March, is a tuberous begonia.

    Meanwhile, our pansies have recovered from being covered in ice and snow and their perky faces are brightening our deck, while hundreds of daffodils planted over nine autumns are a welcome splash of yellow and white spring color.

    I always wonder why I’m on Twitter. Which is why I’m not really. I just don’t know how to “untwitter.”


  2. Hey JoAnn – Yes, I was pleasantly surprised to see the Payless ad in Vogue.

    I’ve always thought that the amazing thing about art is that it speaks to people in different ways.

    What I wouldn’t give to see a perky-faced pansy about now. Sigh.


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