My own little slice of…

Planet Earth.

If you’re in the GTA (Greater Toronto Area) or a visitor to Torontoland, you really want to take the time to visit Edwards Gardens. In a word — bliss. We took a field trip day there during our staycation last week.

I couldn’t think of a better day than Earth Day to post some of the quick pics I took with a point and click.

I call this Carpet Flowers. The ground was filled with these little beauties. They have a name. It escapes me.

This is Dwarf Troll House For Rent. There was a waiting line to the trails.

Rushing Water, Baby! There are some critters taking the air and primping at the top of this little waterfall.

Hello Mossy Glory!

Yellow Splash. I love the bright blooms against the forest floor.

Purple Riot.

One-legged Bath! Yep. That’s they way I do it, too.

I was just quick enough to capture this little critter, but not quick enough to get him up close and personal. I’m pretty sure he’s heading over to the dwarf troll house. Looks like a squatter to me.

Countdown to Friday.


2 thoughts on “My own little slice of…

  1. I have been to Edwards Gardens on your recommendation. Lovely lovely haven in the middle of the city. Thank you for sharing. Loved the troll house for rent. Perhaps Gracie Allen can visit next time she eats your socks.


    • I’m so glad you went. It speaks to me. I would love to go at night when the wee folk are out. Dwarf troll house was my fave.


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