Oh, man. How to choose…

Sneeze. Wheeze. Drip, drip, drip. Spring is busting out all around Hacienda Elen.

Look out allergy sufferers, those trees are mating like crazy — horny trees. No, really. This is why you are suffering so. Spring has arrived about 14 days early, and the trees are having wild monkey sex. Mr. G, honey told me that BC — before coffee — yesterday. It’s the kind of thing that sticks in the mind more than say, tax code. I know he said more, but my brain wandered a little bit after the wild monkey sex reference. I was slurping caffeine and enjoying the idea of my trees getting lucky. Mr. G got this from an allergist on the radio waves. I’m waiting for Twitter confirmation on that.

Hitting the gardening centers today. Plants. Fertilizer. More plants. More fertilizer. Feeling green.

Then I’m going to wander into the kitchen and make this from Two Peas and Their Pod — the cooking couple. I’m seeing a green theme today.

Before I go, I wanted to leave you with something for writer Lisa Kessler’s Friday Happy Dance of Joy!

It was a tough decision. The Beatles? The Who? Springsteen? Celine Dion?


When you’re finished, hop on over and see The Boss here. All 10 glorious minutes of him. I might have clicked a hundred few times already. Sorry Mr. G, honey, but it is The Boss.

Weekend’s comin’!


2 thoughts on “Oh, man. How to choose…

    • LOL You’re so funny, Keziah.

      I made the frittata for dinner. It was delicious. The asparagus and spinach with the feta was a nice flavor combination. I served it with baguette and orange slices. Keeping it Friday night simple. Keeping it real. 😀


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