Head down. Writing.

But taking a moment to bask in the beauty of this pretty little dwarf lilac.

This is her third spring. Oh, the scent. The scent!

My baby is growing up.

Blush Pink Blooms

I See a Bloom


Blushing Blooms

Bloom, Baby, Bloom!

Full Blown Bloom

Head back down. Writing. Fingers intact.


2 thoughts on “peek-a-bloom…

  1. Oh, I so miss lilacs! We always used to put them on my gramma’s grave on Memorial Day because they were her favorite flowers. Well, about every third year, because it was typical to get a late frost in the Oregon mts. We’d hold our collective breaths the entire month of May that the weather would cooperate.

    Thanks for sharing! Enjoy. Both the gorgeous color and its pretty perfume!


    • They’re a lovely, old-fashioned flower. We lived on an acre in farm country for five years. The front of the property was shielded by a row of lilacs, and the property was spotted with them. I couldn’t wait for spring! We smelled good. 😀


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