What’s up with bacon?…

I’m nesting.

Autumn. It’s my favorite season, so I’m nesting.

I love the colors, the textures, the temperatures of autumn; the crisp air and clear blue skies. Rain lashing at the windows like it’s doing right now.

I love the rituals of autumn. Two for me are fat candles and toasty fires.

I love the clothes of autumn — jeans and hoodies, sweaters and pencil skirts, socks and boots. Boots, boots, boots. Soft leather boots with stacked heels. Tall boots, short boots. Boots with tread, baby! I love them all.

When summer rolls around, no doubt I’ll be singing its praises with wild abandon — along about February most likely — but right now, I’m stumping for autumn.

At this point, you’re probably wondering where I’m going with this. I’m wondering that, too. Where’s the bacon?

Right here.

Food. I love the food of autumn — crisp, juicy apples; squash and pumpkins; soups and stews chock-full with root vegetables; roasted meats and fowl.

So, I’m nesting. And cooking. And causing Mr. G, honey to swoon. Yes, swoon. He hits the door at the end of the day, and he’s groaning. Today he said, “My God, what is that smell?”

I gave my hair a little twirl. “Pumpkin.”

He dropped his briefcase and said, “I love coming home.” Sniff.  “To all these good baking smells.”

I polished my angel-baking halo a bit, and then heard…

“And the fireplace smells like BACON!”

What’s up with men and bacon? It’s like the Goodyear Triple Tred of food. There are whole websites dedicated to bacon, and the men who love it. Women, too.

I was chatting on Skpe with my sister about this later in the day. We were exchanging the sum total of our bacon insight, which wasn’t much.

Finally, I said, “I’m just wondering. If we were on board a ship and I and a side of bacon fell overboard at the same time, which would he save?”

I waited for the little, yellow No. 2 pencil on Skype to finish scribbling.

I waited for that piece of sisterly wisdom to come flying across the intertubes.

And then it came…

“Better get a life jacket, honey!!!!”

I googled blogs for bacon lovers. 793,000 results came up. My two faves so far — Bacon Unwrapped and Mr. Baconpants.

Are you a bacon lover? What’s the most adventurous bacon-eating you’ve done? Deep-fried bacon? Chocolate-covered bacon?

My bacon of choice these days, when I’m indulging, is a Smoked Wiltshire Bacon Rasher.


6 thoughts on “What’s up with bacon?…

  1. We recently became vegetarian, so bacon is no longer on the menu… but fakon is! We got the Morningstar Farms imitatin bacon and it was actually delicious. Please don’t ask what is in it because I’m not sure I want to know 🙂


    • Props on the vegetarianism. Bacon is an indulgence in our house. We don’t have it often. It doesn’t keep Mr. G, honey from lusting after it, however! As always, Matt, thanks for stopping by my blog.


  2. In my humble opinion bacon is the perfect food. It can be moist or crispy, always salty and the flavor is like no other on earth. You can enjoy is straight up, in a sandwich, as a soup garnish, top off a meatloaf, or turn a blah dish into a delight by just adding some bacon. I mean really, is there any more versatile food? Bacon… despite the bad rap it sometimes gets, it’s quite simply the best!


    • LOL I love your humble opinion! My sister and I tried the same apple cake recipe this week. It’s divine. Still, we thought you could take it right over the edge with a little crumbled bacon. Apples and bacon. Yum! Thanks for stopping by.


  3. I LOVE bacon. In fact, it may be one of, if not the ONE, favorite food of mine. It’s been too long since I’ve made any. I must go shopping at once! Thanks for getting my tastebuds going. 😉



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