Ditching, jigging, sluffing, skipping…

…aka hooky, hookey, hookie.

We live by, near, next to, on Lake Ontario. That should cover it.

Lake Ontario is the smallest of the Great Lakes, and the most easterly. Even though we’re the smallest, we’re deeper than Lake Erie and the eighth largest fresh water lake in North America.

Hm. Competitive, too.

It was way, and I mean way too gorgeous to plot inside yesterday, so my New-Balance-clad-feet took my brain (and everything else in between) down to the lake. We were taking the air. Clearing the mind. Storing up images for winter.

Here be some of my favorite shots. Point & Click, baby!

This is our Thanksgiving weekend here in Canadaland. Thank you Mama Nature for poppin’ that color in the last 48 hours. You know how to work it.

I have gourds, pie pumpkins, a straight, easy-breezy do, and my @TheHipHostess apron. What more could a Northern Girl want.


2 thoughts on “Ditching, jigging, sluffing, skipping…

    • Thank you, Miss Keziah! I love that shot, too. I took two different views of it. It was a stellar Mama Nature day. And a Happy Thanksgiving to you too my friend!


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