A few of my favorite things…

Mr. G, honey is downstairs prepping a Crock-Pot meal. My heart is filled with Friday joy. I swoon.

Furnace Guy just pulled into the driveway. More swooning.

Since it’s TGIF, baby! I thought you might like a peek at some of my favorite Christmas tree things. After that, let’s do a little Link Love.

Just to the left is a Christmas box that I have treasured for years. It’s held napkins, beads, delicate ornaments, holiday secrets. It’s been around.

Be still my heart. I had six of these. Now there are five. They make me think of old fashioned Christmas trees.

I have a friend. She’s very talented. Our tree is graced with a few of her beautiful crochet creations. Fortunate are we.

Help me, Rhonda. This reminds me of the vintage German glass ornaments. My favorite style.

I gave this to Mr. G, honey for an early Christmastide together.

There are a lot of angels on our tree. Yep. This is one of my fave. I heart my crochet buddy. I can crochet a chain. That is all. I just can’t talk about it.

This is a recent find. It’s big. It’s heavy. It’s big and heavy. And I absolutely adore it.

This. This right here is my most treasured ornament. It was brought as a hostess gift to a December dinner party back in the day. Someone knows my deep love for those tasty mushrooms. This year it’s nearly at the top of our tree.

If you do the tree thing, I imagine you have some favorite ornaments, too. Tell me. Show me.

Finds on the Feed:

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TGIF, baby!