Humpity Day: We’re In A Pickle…

Just kidding.

No pickles here. Not even of the jarred variety.

But I love pickles. All kinds of pickles, especially a garlicky kosher dill or a tart bread & butter. Mm. Mm.

I love pickles how much?

So much that…

pickle_ornament_elengrey_2013 (1280x1280)

I have a pickle ornament!

It’s a fave. A fave, I tell you.

It was a find a couple of years ago at the Toronto Christmas Market at The Distillery.

Slow News Day ~

Just wrasslin’ the tree into the upright position.

I scared the G-Pup so bad putting new batteries into a smoke alarm last night — you have to test it — that she did nothing but shake and tremble every time I switched out a battery pack on a string of lights. She tried to hightail it to the basement lickety-split thinking it was the upstairs smoke alarm making that sound no human or G-Pup should hear, when in reality it was the basement smoke alarm. And she never goes where the boogie dog lives. Never evah. Poor little G-Pup. The trust is broken. We both needed a drink afterwards.

I’d like to say something profound here.



The day is sorely lacking in profundity.

Moving right along!

Here be Hump Day. The first Humpity Day of December.

Let’s just hang an ornament on it.