We’re talking Big…

Remember the 1988 movie Big, where Tom Hanks looks all of twelve? Well…

For the author Lisa Kessler (@LdyDisney) Friday Happy Dance of JOY!!!


Finds on the Feed:

For Readers:  Jill Shalvis’ Blog ~ I start every Monday – Friday with decaffeine and Jill. Pick any post. She makes me laugh, and we all know how I feel about laughter. She’ll make you laugh, too. Go. Read.

For Writers: Girlfriends Book Club ~ Therese Fowler’s post: A Journey of a Thousand Miles…(you know the rest).

For Apron Lovers: The Hip Hostess ~ This mother and daughter team know how to dish and, I’m thinking, have the hippest aprons on the planet. I have the Pink Mocha sheath.

TGIF, baby!


5 thoughts on “We’re talking Big…

    • Thank you, Lisa. It was fun, wasn’t it? Have a fabu weekend yourself, and thank you for dropping by. Always a pleasure.


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