If she can, I can…

Most people began January with resolve. They made resolutions. I saw a few of those resolutions running by my house last week. I didn’t see them today but, hey, we got another seven inches of the sparkly white stuff last night, so I’m giving them the benefit of the doubt. The snowplow boys were having road races in the wee smalls. I swears.

Most people began 2011 with resolve. I began by installing cupboards. It takes eleven years. Okay. So, it didn’t take eleven years. It took five. That’s a line from a movie. One of my favorite movies. And every once in a while I just shout out… It takes eleven years!

We gutted the kitchen and reassembled it five years ago, hiring out the tile floor. We felt pretty comfortable doing that. It’s a galley kitchen, not something you’d find on Walton’s Mountain. But we left this end, this one end, undone. All it needed was a bank of base cupboards. The counter top for it has been resting against our bedroom wall for five years. Sigh. Yes. Five.

I had to be sure. I had to be sure of what I wanted. Did I want drawers? Shelves? A combo?

And, I think we just ran out of steam. Ever done that? Thought so.

Enter New Year’s Eve day. Mr. G, honey says — Let’s get this cupboard party started.

He says things like that all the time.

He never says things like that.

New Year’s Day, we’re assembling and installing cupboards. He thought it would take a day. Bwahaaha. I said three.

It took a week. I’d put a pic up here, but there is still half a double door missing. That door won’t be put on until it stops snowing and we can get back to the store, because the hinge thingy had a broken doohickey in it. A very important doohickey.

Good thing Mr. G, honey is going to the Doohickey Department, because they would have no idea what I was talking about. And it could take another five years to finish this installation.

While we’re waiting on the doohickey for the hinge thingy, I give you my 2011 resolution.

Be it resolved…

If the walrus can do it, I can do it.

Happy Hump Day!