How many words would it take…

I’m running a day late with my Friday post. How’d that happen?

This video came to my inbox this week via Twitter pal @bridgemama.

Each time I look at it, the writer in me wonders —

How many words would it take?

How many words would it take to translate this onto the the written page? The depth of emotion in 1.29 minutes totally blew me away.

The Most Beautiful…

I don’t know.

But I’d sure like to try.

Finds on the Feed:

For Writers: @ Boxing the Octopus — Rejection Reaction: What’s Your Style? by Colleen Thompson.

For Readers: @ Jon F Merz — Looking For Some Lunchtime Reading?INTERLUDE: A Lawson Vampire Short Story. Scroll down until you get there.

For Laundry Doers Everywhere — @ Housewife Bliss — How to read a Laundry Guide. This was my fave find on the feed this week, because I am hopeless. Hopeless, I tell you, at interpreting those itty bitty symbols on the inside of my clothing.

TGIF, baby!


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